Reflections on life as a cultural being
Reflections on life as a cultural being

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I'm delighted to be starting as General Manager for Wells Maltings Trust from 21 August 2017, leading a brand new arts and heritage centre of excellence in Wells-next-the-sea in north Norfolk. As a result, my consultancy business will be taking a back seat - but read on for news, views and snippets from the coal face of arts leadership ...




It's a tough old world, don't you think? Too much to do with very little time and resources. And that's before you even think about work-life balance.


But we all love what we do. In whatever we choose. Or if we don't, we should. And sharing things often makes it better - or at least tolerable.


As for me, I've been a leader of arts and heritage organisations for over 20 years, and know exactly how tough, lonely and challenging it is at the top. That's why I like to share.


So this is what this website is all about. To tell you about me, what I do, what I believe, and what I stand for. I'm a leader, inspirer, celebrator, money man, programmer, facilitator, vinyl junkie, cat owner, roller blader and family man. I like to talk about stuff that matters to me, in the hope that it might interest someone, somewhere, or help them a bit.


I do it because I have belief, faith and passion in what I do: whether it's raising money for a collaborative project, or celebrating the musical endeavours of a few heroes on vinyl. It's good to share.


This is my website. Stick around - we may, together, learn something.



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