Reflections on life as a cultural being
Reflections on life as a cultural being

About Simon

In a nutshell, I'm a senior manager and leader of organisations in the cultural and charitable sectors. Born in Warwickshire in the late 60s, I'm at the point where rosey nostalgia is quite acceptable.


From August 2017, I shall be General Manager of the new Wells Maltings centre in north Norfolk, a brand new centre of excellence for performance, visual arts and local heritage. Over 20 years prior to that, I've run arts organisations such as Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds, Pegasus Theatre in Oxford, The Quay Theatre in Sudbury and the consultancy/support agency Midlands Arts Marketing, and was head of marketing and development for Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. I lectured at Warwick University for 12 years and was chair of the much missed Arts+Media Limited and a founder director of CS3, an arts and sports consortium in the east of England. I've also consulted on and project managed a wide range of arts and heritage based initiatives for organisations as diverse as William Morris Society, Emery Walker Trust, Studio Wayne McGregor and I am a registered trainer for the WorldHost customer service standard.


I'm a self confessed music addict and vinyl junkie with an ever growing collection, a dab hand on the ukulele and on rollerblades, and have absolutely no embarrassment in driving a rather aged but somehow classic soft top Audi. Married to Nicola and father to James, I additionally share my life with a sleepy spaniel called Maggie and naughty calico cat called Kit, all tucked up rather nicely on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. 


Simon Daykin

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